The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America [AOH] is an Irish Catholic men's organization, and the LAOH is an Irish Catholic women's organization. The AOH was originated in the United States in nineteenth century New York City by Irish immigrants who banded together in protection of the Church. The AOH in Ireland was formed in the fourteenth century for many of the same reasons.

Each AOH Division has its own designation. Ours is the Monsignor Crean Division #1, named after a courageous man who sacrificed his life to save others from a fire. The goal of every division in the United States and elsewhere is the same; Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity. Our efforts are for promotion of the Faith and a free and united Ireland.

Members of this AOH Division are also members of the Hibernian Foundation, which is the organization that owns the buildings and property. Application to the Foundation is open to all ethnic backgrounds and both genders.

Year-round activities are focused on all members of the family. The Hibernian Athletic Association [HAA] manages a large youth soccer league with an all volunteer staff. The Children's Christmas Party and Easter Egg Hunt are popular special events. The Hibernian Pipe Band practices at the Club each week and invites membership with free lessons. Irish dancing lessons are held for all age groups and are either free, or for a modest cost. In addition, there are dances, religious services, lectures, parties, bus trips and special festivals year 'round for the whole family.

All members, AOH, LAOH, or Foundation, take the Club's family orientation seriously. We expect our families and visitors to feel comfortable and be welcome. Anything less is not acceptable. We also expect our members to be active volunteers in support of the club.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to call the Club at [609] 586-5982.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Trenton AOH, you can contact us at the club using the above phone number or you can e-mail us at We'll provide all the necessary information you'll need to become a Division, LAOH, or Foundation member!

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